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Who's Who

Just in case you can't reach us, here are some other friendly faces you can ask for help either leading up to the wedding or on the day.
 Jenny & Kevin Lau
Mother & Father of the Bride
Jenny & Kevin Lau

Rebecca Lai
Maid of Honour
Rebecca Lai 
On the first day of Year 5 at Dural Public School, Rebecca took a seat in class next to Deborah and thus began a long friendship founded on mutual enthusiasm for epic fantasy novel series, Broadway musicals and hiking/travelling.
Benny Siu
Benny Siu 
Although Benny was in the same class as both Deborah and Rebecca, nary a word was said to either until they all went their separate ways in high school, from which point a friendship was struck over HSC Physics, frozen pineapple rings and SPAM.
Miranda & Albert Wong
Mother & Father of the GroomMiranda & Albert Wong

Jeanne Wang Groomswoman Jeanne Wang 
Moving into the same apartment block when they were young, they were friends before either of them could form coherent memories. They have shared many chaotic family friend dinners/bbqs/celebrations over the years and through it all they have become very close friends.
Alan Ng


Terence grew up with Alan during high school, he is here because he has always keen to lend a helping hand, a sympathetic ear, and an honest opinion for as long as they've known each other.