Our Story

Tennis Ball (32/365) 
In January 2009, during the hot Australian summer in the middle of Open season, a small group of friends decided to start playing tennis on Saturday evenings.

This bout of dedication to sporting lasted for about a year.  During this time, Deborah and Terence would often partner together in doubles matches...which were played in total utter silence, punctuated only with greetings of "hello" and "would you like to serve?"
This all changed one sunny day in July 2009 at Bicentennial Park.  After conquering the BMX bike track in a display of amazing airborne techniques, Terence was brimming with adrenaline.  En route back to base for sustenance, the kerb along Australia Avenue beckoned temptingly.

Unfortunately, gravity begged to differ.  As the front wheel of his bike clipped the kerb, Terence gave Superman a run for his money in a glorious flight and a series of bounces on the asphalt, headfirst.

Mildly concussed, with blood pouring down his face, Terence bravely declared "I'm fine!" whilst Deborah ran to his side as their friends locate a park ranger who says:  "Who knows First Aid?  If I patch your friend up, I'll have paper work.  But this kit is just right here..."

...so Deborah dressed his wounds.  After a break for a picnic lunch during which Terence was convinced NOT to drive himself to the hospital, Deborah met his parents for the first time in the emergency waiting room whilst Terence got four stitches in his head...